Marketing and Promotions Manager

  • Working with Safari Media Group for More than five years providing marketing and promotional consultation through editorial content feed, social network management.
  • With risk management knowledge, Sipho has assisted in facilitating several sales and marketing plans to merge both social-economic needs of the local society with which the Media Group operates with goals and mission of Safari Media Group
  • Member of Safari Radio Editorial Board

Chief Editor / Senior Radio Presenter

  • Graduate of Journalism with over 6 Years experience on Broadcasting Services and Supervision of Radio News and Content of Various Local Radios in Tanzania.
  • Host of prime time radio programs and head of the News desk and deputy head of the editorial board.
  • A member of the Mtwara Press Club and with practical trainings under DW Germany, Salma has been Safari Radio’S DW reporter for over a year.

Radio Presenter

  • Experienced graduate of journalism with over 4 years. Self motivated and multitaskingindividual in the field of journalism
  • Produces and hosts variable programs concerning children and women related programs of Safari Radio
  • A Member of Mtwara press club

Assistant Marketing Manager

  • Danniel assists in gathering and preparing content to be aired on a daily basis.
  • Beyond his program production duties, through Safari Radio, Daniel has helped in the growth of local young upcoming artists in Mtwara in music production with which Safari Radio manages.
  • A competent, self driven individual with keen interest in Marketing and a strong desire to learn as much as possible about sales. With Journalism experience and practices, Grace has come across a diverse population of clients and audience of media industry and has been able to develop audience across a wide variety of target groups at the locality of Safari Radio’s operations.
  • A seasonal journalist assisting in planning and hosting field programs and events with the goal of marketing and promoting several Radio programs.
  • A member of the Mtwara Press Club.

Senior Radio Presenter

  • Graduate of journalism with over 5 years of experience in radios in Tanzania. Self motivated and multitasking individual in the field of journalism.
  • Co-host of Safari Radio’s leading entertainment program and producer of other entertainment programs, Hakaki has unique skills in communication with a diverse audience in the area with which Safari Radio operates in. The ability to understand the local language of Mtwara has gained Hakika much confidence and has increased the audience of the radio much more.
  • A member of the Mtwara Press Club.