Safari Radio Limited is a rapidly expanding powerful radio that is currently broadcasting in Mtwara (89.3fm), Lindi (88.9fm) and  Ruvuma (88.5fm). The radio is comprised of a team of multi-talented committed individuals with a good track record on providing professional broadcasting services in Tanzania. The strength of Safari Radio revolves around the number and mix of partners and personnel with wealth of professional experience within and outside Tanzania with a record of quality content creation and airing of audio and digital content to the public within the approved editorial policy framework and community expectations.

The Firm is incorporated with the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) in Tanzania under Companies Act No. 2002 as Radio Safari Limited with certificate number 71828, Tax identification number 104 028 284, Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority Permit number TCRA/A.70/156/16 and Certificate of Incentives issued by Tanzania Investment Centre number 150034



The firm is made up of partners who have over 20 years experience in provision of public services. While in employment with the previous Institutions, the partners rose smoothly to senior managerial positions thereby acting as key personnel on Corporate Communication Strategies, Planning and Management of these organizations. Some of the work which have been influenced by the work of these partners for a span of time includes; the communication strategy of the National Provident Fund to National Social Security Fund in Mid 1990’s, establishment and implementation of National Health Insurance Fund in 2001 – 2005, Incorporation of Prosperity Life Care Insurance in Tanzania since 2005, Development of Strategic Corporate Plan of NSSF, NHIF and Management of Network of Community Health Funds. The partners bring such goodwill with them to Safari Radio and have developed structures and processes to uphold quality delivery standards within the firm.

The partners’ combined professional and industry knowledge, experience and resources serve to create our prominence among professional firms both locally and internationally.

A Mission Beyond a Statement

To continue developing appropriate coordinated range of cost effective broadcasting solutions in collaboration with all stakeholders, to meet the content needs of our clients in a spirit of openness, co-operation, trust and partnership

A Vision Beyond a Promise

Commitment to be a leading local radio in provision of tailor made broadcasting solutions, supported by cutting edge information technology systems and quality content services and to become the best alternative source to clients seeking affordable and quality broadcasting services from the market.

Our Values

Safari Radio values are respect, teamwork, quality the first time, and the power of leadership. Radio Safari has placed these four values at the heart of our business. They are a critical element of our corporate strategy – influencing the way we work, everyday and everywhere:

  • Respect the individual: - Our key resources are people. We value and trust each other. We seek and benefit from diverse people and perspectives. We strive to create mutually fulfilling relationships and partnerships.
  • Teamwork: - We emphasize the virtues of co-operation and the need to make use of the various strengths of our people. We work as a team.
  • Quality – first time: - We believe in getting it right the first time. We build a good understanding of your requirements and expectations, and work to exceed your expectations.
  • The power of leadership: - We provide vision, insight and thought leadership. We uphold the principles of a good leader – integrity, vision and courage.

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At Radio Safari, we take a customized approach in designing advertising plans of our clients. Since advertisers have unique needs and goals, we can offer tailored solutions that not only fit your needs better but yield the outcomes you desire. Please contact us today so that we can learn more about your needs and how Radio Safari can become a partner in your success.